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Cake smash session prep guide

Yayyy!!!It's time to get messy! 









Clothing & Props 

I have a range of cake smash outfits (e.g. tutu's, diaper covers, bow tie's, suspenders, rompers) and props for the session, but  feel free to bring your own clothing or props that you may wish to have included. Please note that clothing will be covered in cake at some point during the session.


The Cake

For cake smash sessions, the cake can be as simple or detailed as you would like. Please bring cake between 4-8 inches.


Add on a customized cake to match your session theme for only $40 made by @CartersSweetLife on IG.Contact via email at (Please mention @AdorjePhotography when ordering your cake)



If you have a specific theme or character in mind please just give me a heads up so we can plan this out together. It is VERY important that you discuss any ideas or goals you have in mind for your session. If you don't have a specific theme in mind I can choose for you or we can do it based on a color scheme. 



Cake smashing with a tired baby isn't always fun, so try to schedule your booking with your baby's sleeping pattern in mind; when they are rested after nap time and fully awake. It's also important to make sure your baby has already eaten if it's normal eating time for them so they don't get unsettled for the shoot.


The cake smash session will get very messy!!!


Please bring a towel or receiving blanket to wipe baby off with after bath portion of session and a change of clothes.



Please wear clothing that is OK to get dirty or bring extra clothing to change in after the session because baby WILL somehow get icing on your clothes.


It’s also a great idea to bring along drinks & snacks for little ones!!


Smash time

Now its time to smash the cake! If you are bringing your own cake, please take the cake out of the fridge at least 1 hour prior to the session to make sure it isn’t too cold for tiny fingers and toes!


Your baby may need your encouragement to smash the cake. Don't be too worried if your baby hasn't had cake before or is hesitant to smash the cake - every baby is different and we will still get great pics!

Studio location:

33 s 4th Ave

Mount Vernon,NY 10550

Please kind in mind the following:

  • You do have to walk up 2 flights of stairs.

  • Parking can be a bit difficult but there is metered parking available, if you don't have quarters you can download the free mobile app "Pango"

the parking code is located on the meter.

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